Janmat Haryana

Janmat Haryana, along with its upcoming sister channel Janmat India, are offshoots of Janmat Research & Solutions. JRS is a specialised agency started by its founder Vinod Mehta to do scientific political surveys and predict election results with pinpoint accuracy.

Janmat Haryana is a futuristic and unique concept considering the broadcast industry is fast moving towards digitalization. It is a dedicated news and views channel with feel of HD quality. It offers 360 degree focus on Haryana-based news and analysis by seasoned journalists.


Since he founded Total TV, Mr Vinod Mehta found his niche as a psephologist with extraordinary ability to make election predictions with unwavering accuracy.

Viewers of Janmat Haryana can expect Mr. Mehta along with his survey team to penetrate deep into interiors of Haryana to come up with predictions of all elections – Lok Sabha polls to be followed by elections for 90 assembly seats.

A name to reckon with in Haryana, Vinod Mehta had a meteoric rise in his journalistic career. Founder and Editor in Chief of Total TV, he revolutionised television world by setting up a low-cost regional channel, which became a benchmark for others to follow in the years to come. Mr. Mehta, Director of the Janmat Research & Solutions, is on the verge of creating another revolution by taking a futuristic step of launching two internet-based channels with feel of an HD channel in a viewer’s hand. Janmat Haryana went on air on February 21, 2019, while Janmat India will be launched soon. Mr. Mehta’s name is synonymous with elections and predictions. Since his Total TV days, he has been making survey-based predictions to the pin-point accuracy.

Editor in Chief of Janmat Haryana and soon to be launched Janmat India, Mr. Saurabh is owner of a multifaceted personality. Besides being a renowned journalist, columnist and news analyst on various television channels, Mr. Saurabh is an internationally acclaimed author of four novels. One of his novels, Munni Mobile, has been translated into various Indian languages. He spent two and a half decades with the Hindustan Times group at various locations across India, including the North East, and was twice Editor of broadly acclaimed national Hindi daily National Duniya. Mr. Saurabh is widely travelled and brings in decades of experience of frontline mainstream journalism to Janmat Haryana and Janmat India.

Quintessentially a bilingual journalist, Ajay Jha brings along 35 years of hands-on experience in the field of journalism, both in India and abroad. He rose through the ranks to become Bureau Chief of Mid-Day within five years of starting his career of a trainee journalist. He worked as Editor of Tanzania-based The Express. Later on he was associated with Gulf News for 18 years and worked as Editor in Chief of Dubai-based travel magazine Xplore. He is now associated with Janmat Haryana and Janmat India as Political Editor.

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