Our Services

TV Broadcast Consultancy

Media Todays offers end-to-end technical consultancy to broad spectrum of different requirements of broadcasting industry. These services are related to broadcast, IT, studio set up, media technology, audio and video solutions, service and other related facets of broadcasting industry.

Media Todays offer consultancy services on workflow and technology related aspects to upcoming TV channels, National or regional News channels, religious channels, General Entertainment Channels, infotainment and edutainment TV channels.

Consultancy services are also offered to the existing TV channels to improve efficiency by re-engineering of process, reducing cost of operation, seamless processes, effective use of products.

Media Todays also offers consultancy to already present players of broadcasting industry for cost-effective content creation.

Consultancy are also offered to production houses, content creation set ups, live broadcast set ups, radio stations.

Media Todays consultancy services are offered in the area of RF, Teleport solutions, DSNG solutions, Digital Asset Management, New Generation content delivery modules like Web/IPTV/Mobile TV, Digital Audio solutions and in the area of graphics and Compositing solutions.

With Media Todays as knowledge partner, clients can be sure of tried, tested and affordable broadcast IT and for effective business results.