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Audio Production, FM and Post Production

Behind every recording there are thousands of puzzle pieces that need to be put together to paint our aural picture. As a listener, you expect to press play and hear a tune. There are hundreds of hours of audio production that lead up to the very second that first sound wave hits your ear. From tuning the instruments or setting up foley pits, to the mic selection and scratch testing, and eventually to mastering for playback, there’s a lot that goes into making an audio production that results in a great recording.

We offer following turn-key solutions for Audio industry by creating facilities & arranging right resources for our clients.

Dubbing Studio : Audio Voice over for Film ,TV Programme language dubbing as well as for TV industry. This has been the standard procedure to record dialogues for Film and TV , where the artist using acoustically treated room records dialogues, watching the image on the screen. Even though the film/TV is sync sound, not all the dialogues can be used as it is, as they are recorded at the time of shoot for various reasons & hence dubbing or voice over studios are a must in the Audio for film/TV chain.

Music Recording Studios : Music Recording studios has a large sized Live area & proportionately large control room. Film songs, Audio Albums and background music as per the situation in Film/TV are created in these studios also it has been utilizing for audio mixing.

FM Radios : Any FM radio comprises of RJ room, Discussion room & Editing facility. All these are acoustically treated and equipped with studio broadcast equipment.

One of the key installation of Audio production was USL Studio in Delhi.