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Sanskar info TV Pvt. Ltd. – an Indian television company dedicated to broadcasting audio visual content on “Indian Philosophy, religion, Yoga, Ayurveda, spiritual solidarity and culture” celebrated its 19th birthday in august 2018. Sanskar Info TV Pvt. Ltd. has two spiritual channels under its umbrella, namely Sanskar TV & Satsang TV.

SANSKAR TV and its sister channel SATSANG TV have successfully created a huge viewership for the channels in the Indian market and for the past couple of years they are aggressively spreading their presence in the USA and the UK market. The CEO of Sanskar Info TV Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Manoj Tyagi said, “Our mission is to reach out to the Indians all over the world to spread our ancient Indian knowledge, religion and culture. We always try to keep pace with the changing times and demands of our audiences and have made many changes in our programming and the overall look and feel of the channels. I am hopeful that in the near future we will be able to attract a good number of young audiences through our programming which is presently dominated by the elderly.”

Sanskar TV & Satsang TV is available on all major cable networks, DTH platforms and digital platforms in India. Sanskar TV is also available on Dish USA # 760 and # 725 on Sky in the United Kingdom.

The CEO of Sanskar TV, Mr. Manoj Tyagi, has been honoured by World Book of Records, London for promoting spiritual and Vedic wisdom across the globe at The Mayors Office, Harrow, London.

On this occasion the award was presented to Mr. Manoj Tyagi by Dr. Diwakar Sukul (Chairman of WBR, London) in the presence of His Holiness Rajrajeshwar Guruji (Head of Siddhashram Shakti Centre, London), Shri Nitin Parekh ( Mayor, Harrow) and Paul Walker (Corporate Director, Harrow Council).

As the CEO Of Sanskar Group, Mr. Tyagi has been imparting his valuable contribution in the publicity and dissemination of Religion, Spirituality and Vedic wisdom throughout the globe. With untiring efforts of his team, Sanskar group of channels has attained new heights in the list of spiritual channels in India and abroad.

Mr. Manoj Tyagi is quite well connected with popular Indian saints as he has been successfully spreading introspective wisdom of the saints throughout the globe via TV channels and social media platforms.

With the expert guidance of Mr. Manoj Tyagi , his team is committed to fulfil the ideology of Sanskar TV , where the tag line itself says "Sanskar- The Channel Of India हमारी संस्कृति हमारी विरासत"

An achievement driven and result-oriented television production professional, Anand Prakash Lal or Andy as he is fondly called, holds an experience of 30 plus years having worked for Government & Non-government organisations, Media Institutions and TV channels at different levels in his career so far. He has also played a stellar role in the launch of TV channels in India and abroad. With skills in managing technical processes involved in television production, including direction, camera, lighting, sound & editing, graphics, digital library management etc., his contribution to the TV news industry has been significant within the country and abroad too in a multicultural environment.

He also made significant contribution to the book “First Step to TV & Video Production’ authored by Peter Claver & Mary Jyosita (Bharati Bhawan Publications – 1990). A practitioner of Participatory Methodology, his leadership qualities has always brought significant positive changes in the teams he led. Apart from his TV production related responsibilities, his passion to training also makes him stand apart as a Professional.

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