Satya Hindi is an independent News Network founded by a group of eminent journalists with a mission to bring forth the truth and expose the rising trend of Post Truth, motivated false narratives and Fake news.

As a network, we will defend the idea of India, constitutionalism, democracy, secular values and freedom of expression; we want to celebrate the diversity of India and cherish pluralism.

The current state of the Indian Media is worrisome to say the least. Democracy, secularism, liberalism, equal rights, human rights, dissent, fair journalism and free speech seem to be under threat and the need of the hour is to stand up and fight. We are a group of senior journalists with impeccable credentials who feel concerned at the state of the fourth pillar of democracy. Let it not be said that no one cared. We do. And in this process of trying to stand up for the creation of a liberal, modern, progressive, secular, equitable and corruption free society, will strive towards :

  • Clean Politics : free from money & muscle power, caste & religion, crime & corruption

  • Safeguarding democracy and democratic values

  • Preserving diversity and promoting pluralism

  • Communal harmony and shared cultural heritage

  • Electoral reforms

  • Free and independent judiciary

  • Individual freedom for religious faith, food habits, sexual orientation, etc.

  • Strengthen social and gender equality and fight against discrimination based on caste, creed, religion and race

  • Women upliftment and empowerment

  • Affordable education and health

  • Non-discriminatory development policy for all citizens of the country which do not leave behind or oppress or exploit marginalised poor and weaker sections like Dalits, Tribals and Minorities.

  • Free and fair media is not associated with any political party or group. We are not here to promote any political outfit or leader/s. We will judge the policy, ideology, attitude, work and philosophy of a government, political party or organisation or its leaders based on above fundamental principles. will give fair space and representation to views of all hues although some of them may not agree with Network’s Editorial Philosophy. Because democracy is about differing opinions. It is about debate and dissent.

But distortion of facts is different thing than disagreeing with a viewpoint.

The bottom line is that the Truth must be told whatever it takes.

A highly acclaimed journalist and TV news anchor, a reputed columnist and a successful author, Ashutosh was the Managing Editor of IBN7 from 2006 to 2014 when he gave it up to become a political activist and joined AAP. But soon got disenchanted with this naïve experiment and returned to journalism, his normal self, again with a new experiment in the form of

He is one of the most recognized and admired faces of Indian Television. He pioneered a style that has inspired a whole generation of news anchors. His show "Agenda with Ashutosh" on IBN7 was the most awaited TV debate show in Hindi genre.

Even though television was a twenty four hour job he took time out to write weekly columns for leading Hindi newspapers on relevant issues and his collection of articles titled "Mukhaute ka Rajdharm" was published in year 2015. He also authored two books. "Anna-- 13 days that awakened India" is a detailed account of the Anna agitation for the jan lok pal in August 2011 and in 2015 he wrote "The Crown prince, The Gladiator & The Hope -- Battle for Change".

Prior to joining IBN7, he had a 11 year long stint in Aaj Tak. In his career spanning 27 years, he also worked for BITV, Dainik Hindustan and Saptahik Hindustan and reported extensively all important events in both the print media as well as television with his unique analytical and incisive style.

Shailesh Kumar, Former CEO & Editor-in-Chief of News Nation TV channel, is credited with launching and successfully establishing many news channels in the country. He launched News Nation in 2013 and It is to his credit that News Nation was ranked forth on the TAM Chart in HSM market within a year and half.

He played a key role in launching of India's first 24hour news channel Zee News (Formerly Zee India TV) in 1997.

He headed its Assignments Desk as Editor, established bureaus across the country and provided leadership to a team of more than 200 reporters and also produced 4 unique weekly shows for the channel- Zee Business Show, Zee Sports Show, Best of India and Question Hour as their Executive Producer and Director.

Later he led the 500 strong army of Reporters & Stringers as Executive Editor (Assignment) at TV Today Network and oversaw newsgathering operations for network's four channels namely Aaj Tak, Headlines Today (Now India Today), Tez and Dilli Aaj tak.

Prior to this, he also successfully launched India's first neighbourhood channel Total TV in 2006. He started his career in 1979 in Print Media and reported extensively for Navbharat Times, Dainik Jagran and Ravivar (a news weekly from Ananda Bazar Patrika Group, Kolkata). He also provided creative consultancy to Discovery Channel, interviewed leading politicians and hosted Election Shows live. He has a keen understanding of Politics and deep interest in Literature and Culture.

Qamar Waheed Naqvi is Former News Director of TV Today Network. He coined the name Aaj Tak in 1995 and as Deputy to late S. P. Singh, a cult figure in Hindi journalism, he crafted an innovative style of vibrant, lucid and viewer friendly Hindi for Aaj Tak when it was launched as a 20 minute News Capsule on DD Metro.

What sets him apart is his constant itch to innovate and explore unchartered territories and he uses his extraordinary skills at language development, smart news communication and presentation style to create an idea whose impact is telling in that moment and invariably becomes the trend for the future.

In his long journalistic career of 38 years, he worked with TV Today Network in two stints. The first, from 1995 to 2000, and then from 2004 to 2012 as its News Director, he led the Editorial teams of Aaj Tak, Headlines Today (now India Today), Tez and Dilli Aaj Tak.

A tenacious team builder, motivator, and trusted leader, he is a professional with a 360° worldview of the industry, audience and content. A mentor who has spawned a generation of young and dynamic breed of journalists many of whom are house hold names today.

He started his career in Print Journalism in 1980 and went on to work for 15 years in Navbharat Times, Ravivar and Chauthi Duniya.

He writes a popular column Raag Desh for his blog

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