Surya Cinema

Surya Cinema is an Indian Hindi language movie channel based in Film City , Noida. Which have variety of Hindi Movies to watch.

Shri Ballabh Prasad Agarwal SURYA FOOD & AGRO,Chairman & MD

Mr.B.P.Agarwal is the founder Director and Promoter of Surya Food & Agro. Belonging to the city of Calcutta, Mr. Agarwal was a manufacturer of coconut oil. When he moved to Delhi, he did find the market for coconut oil in the North appealing and thus, he was prompted to explore some new areas of opportunity and decided to roll out the biscuit manufacturing business. He has about 35 years of experience in the business and industry and is a well-known personality in the biscuit and juice manufacturing industry. He is also the president of Indian Biscuit Manufacturers Association and the vice-president of All India Food Processors Association.

Surya Food & Agro was incorporated in November 1992. The initial investment of the company came in from the coconut oil business as well as bank loans. Over a period, Surya Food & Agro has established a strong manufacturing capabilities and have invested substantially in developing consumer preference for their products. The company has carved a niche in the industry and has grown to be the number one in the northern and central India. The company has three plants located in Greater Noida, Lucknow and Surat and one outsourcing plant at Hyderabad. The company is also diversifying into manufacturing confectionery items.

Some of the biscuits dealt under the brand are Italiano Cookies, Glucose V, Chatpatt, Jeera and Cashew, Butter Bite, Cheez Bit, Cheese Cracker, CNC, Marie Lite, Zig Zag, Coconut Crunch, Kids Cream and Classic Cream. Mr. Agarwal's vision for Priyagold is to build up on the profile value created in the market and penetrate into the consumption market to enhance their market share by constantly innovating on product profile and delivering quality.

Surya Food and Agro has touched many national demographics and is one of the few companie s operating on the national level in the industry. Under the leadership of Mr B.P.Agarwal, the com pany has grown manifold and won many accolades in the industry as well as internationally like International Quality Crown Award in 2006 and was also ranked as the highest debutant at number 10. Mr. Agarwal himself has received U.P. Ratanâ award for his path breaking and inspiration. onal entrepreneurship in the Biscuit and Juice manufacturing industry.